Gradle and SonarQube

Posted on Fri 17 October 2014 in Continuous Integration • Tagged with sonarqube, ci, gradle

If you are like me and like developing using a Test Driven Development (TDD) approach, then you need the ability to examine your code and test coverage. In a past article, I discussed how to use SonarQube to perform Python code inspection allowing you to see code test coverage. In …

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Python Code Inspection with SonarQube

Posted on Mon 02 June 2014 in Build Tools • Tagged with python, sonarqube

Last time, I wrote about setting up Travis CI to effortlessly perform continuous integration and testing. My next step was to determine what was actually being tested in my Python Chip 8 emulator, and improve upon areas that had insufficient tests to cover them. While code coverage isn’t the …

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